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We have partnered with Microsoft to support children's digital development! 


🔶 we hold various educational projects together,

🔶 we provide training for our teaching staff,

🔶 we can share digital awareness among the young generations better,

🔶 we provide completion certificates with Microsoft logo after each course.




The goal of the classes is to promote IT learning and digital development. All participants will complete an educational project prepared for the appropriate age group, including those taking their first steps in the programming area. The lessons are held in 90-minute blocks with groups of up to 10 students in each. Students only need a computer with internet access and can attend from home.

7-9 year-olds: Scratch - creating your own games and animations
10-12 year-oldsScratch - higher level; creating websites
13-18 year-olds: C# and Python -  most popular coding languages

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