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Classes for students who have completed the course "Computer programs and games".

Connecting Python with Minecraft? Only we can merge these two dimensions into one. We will move to the world of Minecraft and with the help of the Python programming language we will take control over this world. Building a big house? A roller coaster? Parkour track? With programming that is a piece of cake.

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The course consists of one semester. It is conducted in Python. Students learn this professional language by creating new elements in the Minecraft world. In each lesson, students will become familiar with the elementary structures of the Python language, creating the world of Minecraft. Upon completion of the course each participant receives a certificate of participation. Our online classes are NOT a webinar or a Youtube course! During our online classes, each student will see the teacher's screen, hear what he or she is saying, and the teacher will have an insight into what the student is doing and speaking (he or she will see each student's screen). Each student will be able to ask a question by voice, the teacher will be able to answer every question and indicate exactly where the error is and how to fix it.

Plan of the course